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A Look at the Latest Spa Treatment Trends

Spa treatments can help you rejuvenate yourself, alleviate stress, sink into the depths of relaxation. Take advantage of your time at the resort by checking out some of the following popular spa treatments. Body Polish Combining the luxury of ingredients that are local to the area in which you receive your spa treatments is a [...]

Things You Might Not Know About Tubac Golf Resort

If you are looking for quality resort lodgings that are a bit off the beaten path for a leisurely Southwestern sojourn, you should consider a stay at the Tubac Golf Resort. Just a short 45-minute drive from the Arizona city of Tuscon, Tubac Golf Resort combines an authentic Old-West ambiance with world-class amenities. The historic [...]

“The Story of Your Life Workshop” with Cynthia Richmond

We have the distinct pleasure of having Cynthia Richmond back at Tubac Golf Resort & Spa presenting  “The Story of Your Life”  a 3 and 1/2 day workshop, May 28 through May 31, 2014.  Cynthia is an educator, therapist and published author who has written for newspapers, with a longtime column in the Los Angeles Times, and she [...]

Tubac: Upcoming Events!

There are some great events coming up in March at Tubac Golf Resort and Spa. You know how much fun it is there without anything going on, but it’s even better when there is an event or two for you to enjoy. Make sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out! Spring ArtWalk [...]

A Guide to Arizona Wineries

Wine-making history in Arizona dates back to the 16th century. Spanish Jesuit priest planted grapevines for use in Christian ceremonies. Since then, this industry expanded into what it is now. A majority of the vineyards in this state are located in the south near Tucson. Arizona has long been recognized for its long-standing success in [...]

Physical Fitness Training Tips For Golfers

Are you serious about golf? There are ways to strengthen you body to improve your game. There’s nothing like imitating the greats, so here’s Tiger Woods’ workout, designed by his trainer Keith Kleven: Start the day with cardio. Woods wakes up each morning and goes for either a run or a bike ride. A good [...]

How To Get Your Kids Into Golf

Golf is a great way to teach your child sportsmanship and respect for others at a very young age. But how do you get your child away from the video games and get him interested in golf? All it takes is some involvement on your end and an understanding of how a child sees the [...]

An Introduction to Wine Tasting

The art of wine tasting, or “Oenophilia,” is as old as wine itself – which experts estimate ranges back as far as 6,000 B.C.! Egyptians are thought to be the very first culture to produce wine. Wikipedia defines “wine tasting” as “the sensory examination and evaluation of wine.” The New York Times states that today, wine itself [...]

Tubac Named in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2014 Must-See Destinations

Conde Nast Traveler posted their 2014 forecast of the hottest, most up-and-coming must-visit destinations for the coming year.  Tubac is one of 14 must-see destinations to visit in 2014.  Click here to see all 14 destinations:

Vital Tips for a Better Golf Game

Anyone who has ever walked the lush, manicured fairways of a top-notch course knows the mystical lure of the game of golf as well as the hair-pulling-out frustration of its difficulty. No matter your skill level, improvement is vital. Check out these tips to hone your skills and take your game to the next level. [...]