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Golfing Tips to Help Improve Your Swing

In Arizona, it is always golf season, which means that you get plenty of opportunities to take your game to the next level. Use the following tips to get your swing up to par so you can improve your entire game.

Decrease Your Slice

There is almost nothing worse in the game of golf than thinking you have got a pretty good swing and realizing at the last second that you are going to slice. If you wear a wristwatch, you have an easy and effective way to prevent the slice from happening. As you move into a downswing toward the ball, make sure the face of your watch is toward the ground to ensure that your arms and wrists are in the right positions.

Improve Your Stance

Fundamentals help you make the most of your golf game and if you are not doing them right, your swing might be suffering. When you stand over the ball, make sure your body is balanced so that your weight is distributed evenly in the middle of your feet. Bend your knees a little bit to improve your stability.

Avoid the Heavy Swing

Heavy swings happen when you allow the club head to meet the ground before the ball does. If you want to lighten your swing, you should bring the lowest part of your swing forward. Practice this new swing by placing an item about three inches behind the ball. When you can swing the club to hit the ball and miss the item, you know you moved the low part forward.

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