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How To Get Your Kids Into Golf

Golf is a great way to teach your child sportsmanship and respect for others at a very young age. But how do you get your child away from the video games and get him interested in golf? All it takes is some involvement on your end and an understanding of how a child sees the world.
Always Treat It Like A Game
If your child sees you in a competitive golf setting where you are swearing at yourself for missing shots or throwing your clubs, then he is never going to take an interest in it. Whenever you take your child to a golf course, make sure you emphasize the fun part of the game and get your child involved in having fun with it as well.
Keep It Positive
When your child has fun doing something, then he will want to go back and do it again. It can sometimes be difficult for an adult to make those sand shots seem fun, but it is critical to getting your child involved in the game. When your ball goes into the water, laugh it off and make sure your child is laughing with you.
Communicate In Familiar Terms
Each time you and your child accomplish something on the golf course, teach your child the terms to use to identify that accomplishment. It is important to show your child how to talk like a golfer, but always remember to communicate with your child in terms he will understand. For example, your child is probably more interested in making contact with the ball than clearing that pond to set up for a birdie. So when you talk to him, encourage him to make contact and speak to him in terms he will understand.
Stay Resilient
There will be days, if you do this right, where your child will absolutely want to hit the course and you have no desire to go. If you want to spur a love of the game in your child, then you have to stay resilient and take him out on the course each time he wants to go.
Golf teaches a lot of important life lessons that can help children as they get older. The earlier you introduce your child to golf, the more he can apply what he learns from the game to his other life experiences.

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