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Physical Fitness Training Tips For Golfers

Are you serious about golf? There are ways to strengthen you body to improve your game. There’s nothing like imitating the greats, so here’s Tiger Woods’ workout, designed by his trainer Keith Kleven:

Start the day with cardio. Woods wakes up each morning and goes for either a run or a bike ride. A good way to keep mixing things up is to alternate days. Bike 20 miles every other day, and go for a run on the in-between days. Alternate between 3-mile speed runs and 7-mile endurance runs for maximum improvement.

Weight-lifting is important, but since you’re a golfer, not a bodybuilder, you have to approach it differently. The goal is strength, not bulk. Endurance is the name of the game — you want your workout to last between 2 and 3 hours. Choose a weight level that allows you to do 25 to 50 reps of each exercise, building muscle tone without increasing volume. Do a variety of different exercises and mix them up from time to time to keep your muscles from getting too used to the same thing over and over. Focus on back- and shoulder-strengthening moves — as a golfer, you’re spending a lot of time in a hunched-over position, and upper back strength is necessary to maintain correct posture.

Core strength exercises are also vitally important. A strong core positively impacts both posture and golf skill, and is essential to making your entire body work as a single well-oiled machine. Flexibility is equally important for the golfer — without it you won’t ever attain a really excellent swing. Yoga is a great way get the flexibility you need. Finally, be sure to spend a lot of time stretching before every workout. Tiger Woods stretches for up to 40 minutes each day, and if you’re dedicated to a pro-level golfer’s exercise routine, you should to. Being well warmed-up and fully prepared for your daily workout will greatly reduce the risk of injury. If your workout to improve your golf skills causes you to seriously hurt yourself, it becomes a workout to ruin your golf skills.

And of course, nothing improves your game like practice. Come work on your game at Tubac Golf Resort’s 27 hole championship golf course. Try Tubac Golf Resort and you’ll see why it is the top Arizona resort for golf lovers!